GovHack 2020 - Wrap up!

The annual GovHack hackathon took place from 14-16 August this year, with participation across Australia and New Zealand.  In Queensland, the competition was mostly virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions however the Sunshine Coast hosted a physical event at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

For GovHack 2020 the Queensland Government sponsored four State GovHack challenges.  Over 110 participants formed teams and created 22 unique projects in response.

The GovHack 2020 Queensland State Awards Night was held in virtual format on  Thursday 24 September 2020.

Well done to all who took part in this year’s event and congratulations to the successful teams.

You can view all the winning entries on the GovHack Hackerspace or check out the winning projects from the Queensland Government challenges below:

Queensland’s award winners are:

Challenge 1 - What can we learn from government spending data?

Winner: Spend Tracing by Gold Coast Hackers

The winner of the 2020 Queensland Government Spending challenge is team Gold Coast Hackers. The team proposed Spend Tracing, a system that analyses and visually displays spending data to identify savings, encourage supplier diversity and optimise suppliers.

Read more about Spend Tracing here.

The runner up was Data Seeker by team Data By Design.

Challenge 2 - What can we do to prevent or prepare for bushfires?

Winner: Fire Focus by USC Researchers

The winner of the 2020 Queensland Government Bushfire Ready challenge is team USC Researchers. They proposed Fire Focus, an app that focuses on being prepared, being safe and being alert when it comes to fire safety.

Read more about Fire Focus here.

The runner up was Be Aware and Prepare by team Codeless with Bush fires by team The Digbys receiving an honourable mention.

Challenge 3 - Help us survive a pandemic!

Winner: PACT – Pandemic Aged Care Tracking by Just A Nurse.

The winner of the 2020 Queensland Government Pandemic Survival challenge is team Just a Nurse who proposed PACT – Pandemic Aged Care Tracking.  The proposed app and web-based data portal collects and shares important information about residential aged care organisations—with a view to improving residents health and pandemic preparedness.

Read more about PACT – Pandemic Aged Care Tracking here.

The runner up was CLEAR (The app of the future) by Team 1050 with locali by team Big Sunday receiving and honourable mention.

Challenge 4 - Small business and the Tourism industry need your help to survive!  How can we get them back on track?

Winner: locali by Big Sunday

The winner of the 2020 Queensland Government Small Business and Tourism challenge is team Big Sunday who proposted locali.  Locali proposed an app to connect local businesses and residents, providing a safe and secure way for customers to check in, while also providing crucial data to businesses and the government.

Read more about locali here.

The runner up was Cleaner Communities by team Insert Name Here with CLEAR (The app of the future) by Team 1050 and Spend Tracing by Gold Coast Hackers receiving honourable mentions.

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