Govhack 2019 - Wrap up!

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Harnessing open data - Queensland Government video

The annual GovHack hackathon took place from 6-8 September this year, with events across Australia and New Zealand.  In Queensland, over 170 participants attended events in six locations including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Peregian Beach, Rockhampton and the Sunshine Coast.

For GovHack 2019 the Queensland Government sponsored two national and four Queensland GovHack challenges.  Participants formed teams and created 69 unique projects in response to these challenges.

The GovHack 2019 Queensland State Awards Night was held Friday 25 October 2019 at the State Library of Queensland.  Winners for these awards are below or for more information click here.

The GovHack 2019 International Red Carpet Awards Night was held at the Australian National Museum in Canberra on 9 November 2019. Queensland teams performed exceptionally well winning two international awards with four honourable mentions and three national awards with three honourable mentions.

Queensland teams also performed well in other states winning one New South Wales challenge, two runners-up awards in Northern Territory challenges and being honourably mentioned in one Northern Territory and one Western Australian challenge.

You can view all the winning entries on the GovHack website here or check out the winning projects from the Queensland Government challenges below:

Queensland’s International award winners are:

Queensland Government National challenge winners are:

Queensland Government State challenge winners are:

The winner of the 2019 Queensland Government Spatial Information State GovHack challenge My Environment by The Step Dads, proposes a web portal whereby users can find out information on their local area.

Read more about My Environment.

The runner up was Yours Outdoors and projects Ahead Above Water and indigi: The Indigenous Language Learning App received honourable mentions.  You can view these projects on the GovHack Hackerspace.

GovHack 2019 Queensland Government Challenges

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The 2019 Queensland Government challenges can be found here.

All the GovHack 2019 challenges and entries can be found here.